Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ukulele (teaching) resources using Livebinders

There are things I really like about using Unfortunately, it can also be quite difficult to use. 

I have recently tried to reorganise the front page of each of my livebinder tabs. Due to the restrictions of page layouts, I decided to create graphic pages (in MSpublisher) which contained the information I wanted as well as a few inspirational pictures. As livebinder uses information from around the web, I didn't collect only 'free to use' images. Unfortunately when I linked directly to the images (so the authors of the pics could be acknowledged), the page layout was gluggy and very hard to control, so this was my solution around the problem.

Here are my tab header pages so far.

Unfortunately, I have tried to upload these pages several times to the binder. The program does allow me to upload the file, but it won't seem to let me insert it on the header page. It might be the browser I'm currently using so I guess I'll have to experiment a little more.

If you haven't guessed by now, my livebinder is all about playing the ukulele. I currently have around 200 students learning the ukulele at school and it has become a bit of a cult around the school. I put this livebinder together for those who wanted to know more. It saves me giving out long lists of website addresses to students who probably won't type in the addresses properly anyway. This way, they only need one address and they'll find all the sites linked within the binder.

We use some software in class- using the students' phones and mobile devices, so I added a page on technology. At the very least, those who bring the technology to school can have a tuner app to use in class.

Of course, I added more advanced software for those who might want to take things further at home.

Here's the link to my livebinder in case you want to learn a bit more about the ukulele or music apps too- Livebinder: Ukulele Lovin'

cheerio, Lou

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