Thursday, June 21, 2012

Annual blog entry

Once again, an entire year has passed and I'd completely forgotten that I ever had a blog! Surely an annual entry doesn't really class as a blog, does it? Nevermind... at least I now know it's here and I can use it.
I've written on so many other blogs and in forums in the past year. I've also started a blog within a forum for a particular subject. Only thing is, that blog is so slow to upload text and images. Thus, I think I'll move on over here and see how it goes.

Let me take this opportunity to post some of the digital art I've done in the past year. I'm more than happy for anyone who stops by to use my work, save it, print it out, share it. Just one thing: don't claim it as your own or try to sell it.

So here's my first set: my Christmas cards from the end of 2011.

Traditionally I've made my cards by hand, a-la-scrapbooking style, but this was my first foray into digital designing. I've been printing off the inners for my cards for years so it was about time I did something for the outer.

I started by trying to make just ONE design but my anal retentive side of the brain took over and I ended up making ten. Er, correction, I made about 15. But I'm only happy with ten of them.  Once I had designed these, I printed them out on glossy medium-weight card and then 'scrapped' them onto some of my laborious collection of pre-folded cardstock.

The design above was the one I ended up using for 2011. Since Christmas is during the summer months in Australia, this seemed to fit the best. Plus I loved those colours. I have no idea if I'll use one of the other designs this year, or if I'll be inspired (and have the time) to create something new.
I hope you like these. If you want to use them, click on the image for the original size to pop up, then right click and save the picture.

I'm extremely thankful to Karen at The Graphics Fairy for all her wonderful images I've been collecting and experimenting with in the past few years.
I've also collected quite a few freebies (and some paid content) from Design House Digital. All of the content from DHD that I've used is NOT premium content, therefore I have no right to sell these items. That means that you, also, do not have a right to sell these items.

There are quite a few other places around the web where I've collected vintage images or used online tools to create my own 'paper' designs.

I do not intentionally steal anyone else's work. If you see something that belongs to you (ie is still in copyright) please let me know. If not, feel free to use these digital creations for your personal pleasure.

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